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  How to use our Services  
Finding the fitting voice
Your advantage of the Voicebank procedure is that it enables you to do the casting i.e. to select the voice of your choice
by yourself. You are free to select as many voices, languages and styles as you wish. Until you have found the fitting voice for your production.

Enjoying the large variety
Casting is probably the most fascinating part of the recording job. Consulting regarding casting, however, is also available, if desired. We also offer customized casting for other voices or languages not contained in the present database.

Procuring translation
Voicebank cooperates with a network of professional translators working to very tight delivery schedules and at reasonable rates. Should you require translation and want a quote, simply copy/paste your text into the calculator on
our quotes site.

Starting production process

Once the voice(s) are selected, you are guided to the shop, where you define your recording specifications. Then you will have to copy/paste the text to be recorded into the appearing window. Please mind: Written text is not necessarily spoken text. In order to guaranty smooth diction and a successful message home-bringing recording, we recommend that your text be appropriately edited. So, be sure to send in a version for spoken communication.
How it works
Step one: we check the entered text version on its speakability and length against the proposed/intended recording duration (our calculator on the quotes site indicates the matching terms approximately).


Step two: we then ask you how you intend to have the recording realized in terms of phrasing, expression, dynamic etc. Special terminologies are checked for pronunciation -
in case of doubt, we ask back. You will receive a checklist covering steps 1 & 2 to maintain absolute accuracy over each detail.


    Third step: we proceed to the recording. We will be connected to the recording studio when the voice talent is ready. The recording will then be directed in real time. This ensures that your intentions are realized in full.


      Fourth and last step: post production cutting and cleaning the recording finalizes the studio work. Next, we load a control file in low-fi quality to allow you to check production character and accuracy. Your approval comes with your final payment and your hi-fi file is ready for download.


Complete production process, depending on size, content and profile takes approx. five to ten working days. Additional languages are individually assessed.
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